How To Join Us

You can do anything unconditionally loving and kind, that harms no other life, and is not-for-profit as an anonymous night operation and claim/declare “Black Ops of Kindness”.  Just let us know what you did, of course – anonymously – through our comments section (we keep comments private at all times – even past receiving them, and only use the comments section for inbound communication) and where , and we will publish it here to our press release office online.

10 Characteristics of Black Ops of Kindness:

1. No laws were broken to do something to help someone.

2. The operation was at night

3. Your identity was not given away during it – nobody has any idea who did it

4. It was an act of kindness that you absolutely cannot, have not, and never will profit from.

5. The whole thing was covert.  No fingerprints were left, hair follicles, skin cells, blood samples, IDs; nothing.

6. You got a great thrill from doing it, and now you’re a bada** for the forces of love

7. The living being that you helped out is going to directly benefit from the act within an absolute 24 – 48 hours at most

8. The police have like no idea what just happened to their neighborhoods to make it happier, more loving, more united, a better place to live.

9. You were not under the influence of alcohol or drugs when it happened (unless prescribed to you, and not abused).

10.  You told no one about it.


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