A Dollar or Two

Please Pitch In – A Dollar or Two Goes A Long Way

Hey.  We are around to spend time at night observing the needs in our community and creating miracles overnight to bring just a little bit of happiness, joy, and hope into the hearts of our neighbors and our community.  Constructed by love – and bonds of brother and sisterhood – banded together in desire to help – the ‘love bandits’ that we are are out to wreak havoc on the despair and misery brought upon and burdened to the general public.  Quite an undertaking, we need funding to help kick us off.  This will help us with money to help our efforts to let people wake up in the morning knowing there is a force to be reckoned with – that is to remain secret – that just made their mornings a little bit brighter.
Please follow us at our press office: https://blackopsofkindness.wordpress.com – See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/help-a-neighbor/random-acts-of-kindness-night-ops/102983#sthash.gwAAFOAN.dpuf



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